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Asbestos Survey Management

During Asbestos survey the Surveyor’s work is to look if there are any asbestos remaining in the building and if the building is safe for use. The sample of the asbestos will be taken for the test immediately after the collection to produce sufficient results. The surveyors will collect asbestos from the required areas and have them tested in the laboratory for accurate identification of asbestos.

After the laboratory testing the surveyors will then send back the report showing the outcome of asbestos. asbestos management is easily done from the results given by surveyors. During the survey the areas to be inspected include the basement the ceiling the roofs underfloor coverings cellars lift shafts among others. The report will be determined by the collection from specific parts of the building these parts tend to produce solid results during an asbestos survey.

Any building under repair or any demolition is bound to give inaccurate results due to destruction. The destruction during asbestos collection may be caused by the demolition of the building or if there is any repair going on. To avoid poor results of asbestos the building must not be under any repair or under any construction as this makes it easier for surveyors. Surveyors need to provide solid outcome to show their experience in surveying and with the repair or demolishing asbestos may not be accurate.

According to experts the best results of asbestos is done before the demolition of the building as this helps surveyors to get clear results and also be able to manage without any difficulties. In some instances surveyors can be forced to penetrate through the inaccessible parts of the building just to reach out to the right points of collecting the material for accurate tests.

From the collection the sample will be taken to high standard laboratories for fast and sufficient results and this should be done by known lab technicians for accuracy. Surveyors will then send the sample in the lab for them to get tested as this is one way of confirming the outcome of the collection which should be ready within 24hours. Depending with the results the building may or may not survive as the asbestos results are taken for safety measures thus surveyors must provide good results. However it is vital to have asbestos re-inspection survey and this should be done at least yearly this is very helpful since it is one way of keeping the building safe from any asbestos risks. Asbestos surveyors must be qualified and experienced in surveying asbestos as this is a very sensitive field that with one wrong move you will be putting someone’s life to danger.

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