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Custom Home Builders Vs General Contractor

A custom home is basically a site-specific house built according to a unique set of blueprints for the owner’s needs. Usually the services of an architectural engineer are employed for this. However some custom home builders also provide design/build services as well. Generally small-sized builders are always independent ones.

Some custom home builders also use a general contractor for a house plan and other major construction matters. A general contractor is someone who acts on behalf of a client and offers services according to his plans and specifications provided by the client. So, in the case of new home construction, where the client designs the house and the location according to his own desires, a general contractor plays an important role.

In the case of existing homes, custom home builders use a subcontractor or an individual to build the house. In case of new houses, an existing home builder would hire a builder who has the required expertise to build the house. The two types of builders are generally interchangeable. One hires the one that suits his requirements while the other hires the one who suits his dreams.

A custom home builder uses different types of materials in their construction process. While most constructions use steel for precast house plans, some use concrete and others still use timber. All these materials are cost effective and they also require minimum maintenance. Sometimes it is a better option to use a low maintenance material than to use high maintenance ones. Therefore the choice of the material depends entirely upon the house plans, budget and requirements.

Some custom home builders also offer services for remodeling. In the case of remodeling, changes can be made in the structure and colors according to the wishes of the client. Many of these builders offer services like these as well. It is the job of the general contractor to find out the requirements of the client and provide the best construction services.

There are many advantages of hiring custom home builders over other types of construction. The first advantage is that one can make significant alterations in the structure and design of the house without much difficulty. Most of the times, you can even change the plans according to your preferences. This also saves time and money. There are various other advantages of these types of build but we will be discussing only the major points in this article.

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