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The Rising of Project Based Teaching Methods in a Community Inspired School

The method of teaching wherein students will be made to work overtime in order to gain knowledge and skills is called project based teaching method, and in here, students will investigate and respond to problems, challenges or questions that are engaging, authentic and complex. Through this systematic teaching method, students are get to be involved in deep investigations of complex questions, of which the system is considered innovative. In other words, this system has to do with skills and knowledge at the same time students will be able to question, think and reason out in an active and deep manner.

In this system, there will be a dynamics created in a classroom where students can actively explore problems and challenges that are real in the world, and allow accessibility for all students to have a deeper knowledge.

One type of school that is fully engaging in this experience based learning method is a community school, where a safe, supportive and stable environment is created so that there is a bridge between academic excellence and the community.

In order for students to develop and be inspired in having a sense of purpose while striving for excellence in their academics, the community school forms into a partnership with families and the community it serves. Furthermore, the method will foster a strong character in a student, helping him or her to be lifelong learners, and become an empowered socially conscious citizen of the world, which all of these qualities are essential to gain success in the changing world they are facing.

A combination of social and emotional learning method with academic excellence is recognized in this method as essentials to a student’s success.

There is a meeting in this system, of small group of students, with the assistance of an adult in their building. In this system, there is dedicated staff called village leader who will provide guidance on the academic success of the students, and will provide support in order to meet their unique needs, and be able to monitor their progress and help coach in understanding the process. To build meaningful relationships, time is also dedicated to support the social emotional needs of students, and pave the way for learning of readiness and mindfulness.

A meaningful context for students are provided by this project based curriculum materials and instructional strategies, thereby providing students a deep engagement and ownership of their academic skills.

These community inspired schools believe that for students to reach high academic expectations, they must be ready to learn. Other important factors of which the method is anchored upon are the ideas that a student will do better if her or his family will do better, that there is an interconnection of communities and schools, that a child’s life will have a difference with the school’s inclusion, and that the success of the child is dependent on his or her whole development.

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