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How Do You Find Your Own Church?

Some point in one’s life – somehow – you will feel lost and empty. Almost like a choking feeling of suffocation coming from your indescribable longing for something. It’s too out of this world. The feeling of being lost while threading unknown path is a torture not only mentally but emotionally.

You can read books about it and spend your time trying to unlock the mysteries around you. You can spend the rest of your life figuring out what makes you empty and sullen at the same time. You might waste the years of your life away trying to catch that train station ride to your ultimate bliss but it will never take you anywhere near to where you really need to go – to where you belong.

You belong to your creator. The one true God that has made all possible and keep all things in existence. You are lost not because you simply are but because you are heading on to the wrong path to the diverged ones. You are lost because you haven’t seen the light. But how do you keep yourself from threading on the darker paths of life? How would you save yourself from the wicked?

You need a foundation for your faith – an institution – or a place to flourish. You need people around you to guide, monitor, and support you as you move towards your calling. A whole community that will bring home to your heart. For most people it’s called “church”. If you want to start your faith and discover the goodness of what lies ahead, you need people to remind you of that. You need elders to hone your understanding and teach you what you need to know.

It does not matter what you were or has been in your previous years of existence. Everything won’t matter but now. You need to make a decision and choose where you would want to start your journey of faith and salvation. It matters that you get the right church community that is filled with people that hope and pray for your successful journey in the life of faith and believing.

Sometimes, religion does not matter but you need to pick the church where sincerity and ease comes to you normally. In other words, pick your church using your heart and feeling. Evaluate t accordingly to how you respond to a certain community or people of a certain church congregation. The church you need should be something that prohibits you or sever your growth when there is a hint – get the church that encourages you to live freely without bounds but under the grace of the Lord.

Once you connect with that kind of sheltering effect from your chosen church the feeling you have been keeping in your heart will slowly vanish. Little by little you will see the better path again and feel the light upon your face. You will know you are home because it will be felt instantly without a glimmer of doubt.

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