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Floatation Therapy – How it Works?

Floatation therapy is actually a straightforward and easy way of achieving a different level of relaxation. Constantly, stress is recognized as the primary cause of physical problems and illness and with floatation therapy, it is a nice way of releasing the tension that has built up and also, to unwind.

Dr. John C. Lilly, a neuro-psychiatrist and physician may be considered as the father of floatation tank. He was actually the one who gave birth to this idea. With his studies, it has directed him to sensory deprivation as well as the impact it creates on reducing brain activity. While Dr. Lilly was on his psychoanalysis training, he kept finding out as much as he can in isolating people from external stimuli. As a matter of fact, his very first tank was made back in the early 50s.

With floatation therapy, it is providing people with an almost instant wellbeing. Since it is lowering brain activity, any stresses or problems seem simple and trivial to overcome. It doesn’t matter whether a person is experiencing aches or physical pain, or they have stress related issues similar to insomnia, Dr. Lilly’s invention has been proven to be an invaluable work. When the mind and body has entered a relaxed state, there are more and more areas of the brain that can start working harmoniously. When it happens, it provides clarity of thought and healing at once. Majority of the forms of deep relaxation is taking a great amount of time as well as practice before reaching deeper levels. But things are different with floatation therapy.

The reason for this is that, there’s basically no learning curve or practicing needed and no energy to be exerted too. It’s as basic as climbing into the tank and float for a little while. Even if it is going through tiring week, concluding a hectic month, you can find peace and relaxation in these tanks.

Needless to say, the initial development of floatation tank was not as close to being as comfortable and convenient as contemporary designs. Now, tanks are lighter, easier to open and close doors or lids, installed with circulation fans, has a class and new age look and with internal lighting too. they’ve been created as a comforting, peaceful room or tank containing about 10 inches of water as well as Epsom salt. When the water contains at least few pounds of this salt, it becomes denser than what the body is and providing the floater the sense of weightlessness. This makes it easier to float. Should the floatation tank contain fresh water only or water that has chlorine in it, a person will need to move constantly just to stay afloat. It will be relaxing if worrying about sinking was at the least of your thoughts.

By using professional methods for floatation therapy, it is enabling the body to be totally relaxed while floating on surface without exerting much effort. Thus, allowing you to fully immerse yourself with its benefits.

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