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Steps Taken While Using the Electric Shock Device For Heart Attack
Cardiac arrest has become one of the well-known cause of death that has affected most of the people all over the world. That attack however should not be seen as a condition that cannot be treated terming it as a death sentence. Necessary advice should be equipped to the people of the public on how to deal with those having the heart attack at that particular moment to give them strength to reach the hospital.

Most of the deaths from the heart attack problem comes about on the way to the hospital or at the arrival thus giving it a necessity for everyone to learn more here on how to give the first aid to save life. Once a patient is under the heart attack , the most advised device is a theraupetical electric shock that is put direct to the heart of the patient and this will increase the chances of survival. However it is good to learn more here on the ways in which the devices are handled in such emergencies to save life.

Before using the shock device make sure that the patient is suffering from the heart attack by checking at the breathing rates and the impulses to realize whether they are normal. The person using the device must have a crosser look at the patient to see visible signs of the heart attack like high levels of sweeting , less consciousness and the change of the color of the patient. When one realizes the patient is suffering from the cardiac attack and is able to learn more here, the next step is to call for the emergency service so as to make sure even when they are proceeding to the next step at least assistance is on the way.

The next thing that is very necessary is giving the patient the 30 chest compression, then give the 2 saving breath the give other 30 chest compression and the process continues but at the same time increasing the number of compression but not more than 125 compression A pad ought to be laid on the chest and the first aider should learn more here if any obstruction that may be on the chest. Even for the first time user of the device is able to realize how to connect the pad to the device because it is shown on the device.

When the pad is placed well by removing the underside to fit the chest the device is able to learn more here on the chest and be able to examine the chest before it applies the shock.After the device has examined the chest then it shows signs of being ready to relies the shock at that particular time everyone should stay away. Compression and the shock should proceed until help arrives.