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The Best Private School for your Child’s Development

Parents and guardians need to invest in their children. One vital form of investment that will help the child for a lifetime in education. You have to choose the right school for the kid to quench their thirst for education. The exposure they get in school will build their career and help them in general life. The Agape Jr Academy is the oasis of knowledge you need to bring your kid to start their learning. Here, our main focus is to individualize the construction of each child. That is aimed at helping children realize their full potential and exploit that to the maximum levels.

The goal is to shape these kids to be diligent and responsible citizens for our tomorrow. We always establish a strong bond between the parent, kids and us to ensure that we are all aware of our responsibilities when it comes to the education these kids need. We can provide support to your kids when they are at school and even when they are at home. We are here to make the difference in what your child believes to be what they always desire to be. We believe that the success of the kid is a shared responsibility, and we will always hold up to our end.

We are driven by morals and values that have made us remain exceptional in the industry. We can carry on our responsibilities in the best manner possible. We always start with the basics. We make sure that your kids make attendance at school daily. If they fail to, we call in to inquire what the matter could be. We ensure that the kids are always in school on time. We prepare the kids for the days learning experience to make sure that they get all the supplies they need to get started for the day.

The kids are guided and advised to do all assignments and homework given by teachers. That teaches them to be responsible to hold up their end even when they are not being monitored. We help these kids read daily so that they can improve their literacy skills. We access each kid individually and recognize their areas of strength and weakness. We are glad to provide extra assistance where the kid might not be performing well. We make sure that the kid scores the best grades to bridge them to college.

The child is enlightened on the rules and regulations for everything they need to do. We are dedicated to ensuring that your kid gets excellent quality education that will most likely make them succeed in life. Agape Jr is a private school that teaches from kindergarten to 8th grade. We instill morals in your kid to make them better persons in the future. We teach and speak in fluent English for eloquence. We instill great leadership skills in the kids, and they can express themselves well. We can anticipate, justify and accomplish all the goals that have been set for the child.

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