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Tips to Consider when Buying a Bar Ice Bin

Choosing the right ice bin for your business can be a very challenging task. There are multiple factors you will need to consider when selecting the ice bin that will work for you. The first factor you will need to consider when buying an ice bin is the right size. Ice is used in a lot of different places other than with drinks. This is why you need to understand all the ice that your business will need. You can use an ice bin estimator to calculate the ice needs of your business. Drinks are mostly the reason why your business will need ice. Beyond this, you will need to think about the other purposes that will require ice.

The second tip that will be of help when buying an ice bin is picking the right ice cube shapes for your business. To choose the best ice bin, you will need to know what shape of ice cubes you need as well. Ice cubes usually come in all types of shapes. All these shapes are designed to help specific industries. This is why you should be careful and choose the ice shapes that will be best for your business.

Space is another critical consideration that will help you purchase the best ice bin. The right amount of space is needed for an ice bin to operate efficiently. If the ice bin you buy is air-cooled, you will need to ensure that you have sufficient space for ventilation. Space will also be of great help in enhancing airflow to escape. This is important because if there is no airflow, it will reenter your ice bin and increase the internal temperatures. This will lead to a low rate of producing ice. If the problem is not fixed for a long time, you will end up dealing with serious issues.

Another thing you will need to consider before buying an ice bin is if you will be able to provide the right drainage. All ice machines require water to make ice, which means proper drainage is a necessity. If your ice machine is installed on a bin, you will need to create a floor drain. This will ensure that excess water will be running. To ensure that the water doesn’t run back to the drainage and the ice bin, you will need an air gap. An ice gap is also a requirement by all municipalities when installing your ice bin. This will help you avoid facing severe consequences when a health inspector comes to inspect your ice bin.

Fifth, you will need to ensure that you have the right electrical set up before you buy an ice bin. The electrical set up will depend on the model of the ice bin you buy. When purchasing an ice bin, it is highly crucial to ensure that you choose the appropriate condenser. To make the best purchase, it will be vital to put all the above considerations in mind.

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