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Rock polishing supplies

Rock polishing has grown to be a popular hobby for many. Rocks are usually rough in nature. However, as they get tossed around in mature during their lifetimes, they lose their roughness and get smooth. Rock polishing tries to mimic this process by making an effort to change rough stones into smooth gems. A wide variety of rock polishing supplies are available today. Each one of them has its suitability to certain kinds of rocks. Here is a guide to help you out as you begin your journey in rock polishing.

Get a Rock Polishing Tumbler
One of the main rock polishing supplies that you will require is the tumbler. This is the equipment that rotates as the stone get polished. There are many tumblers in the market. You may want to do a bit of research before going ahead to purchasing one. You need to get familiar with the different types and their suitability for various rocks. This way, you can identify the one that will be best for you.

You should also consider the quality of the tumbler. Investing in a good one will increase the chances of it lasting for a lifetime if you take care of it well. After you have bought one, it is best that you go through the instruction to get acquitted with how it operates.

Select the Material
Once you have your equipment, it is now to select the material that you wish to work on, which in this case is the rocks you are going to polish. You can start by first identifying the type of rocks that you desire to polish. This can be one that you have ad on your wish list for a while, or simply one that is the most accessible to you.

Once you have done so, you can go ahead to pick the actual rocks. This is a crucial step as you need to be keen on the rocks that you select. This is because the rocks that you pick will have a great impact on the results that you get. Try as best as you can to avoid ones that are cracked up or those that tend to be very sharp. These may require additional prepping before the grinding. It is also good to stick to ones that have a relatively similar hardness. Also, get a mixture of sizes for beautiful results.

Actual Rock Polishing
Once the above is ready, you can move on to the step involving the actual polishing of the rocks. Before getting started, you will need to set up. This involves loading the barrels before placing them on the tumbler. You should fill two-thirds of it with rocks, adding just enough water to reach the level of the rocks. Once everything is set, you can turn it on and leave it to run for about six to seven days.

This rock polishing step also involves using grit. This is a powder, usually harder than the rocks to be polished, which is added to the barrels with the rocks for the polishing. Grinding usually occurs in three stages. That is the coarse grind, the medium grind and finally the pre-polish. Use the grit as indicated by the tumbler instructions.

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