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Welcome to the World of Escape Room Games and Their Uses

An escape room is a game that is fun and interactive puzzle game, where for a group of people to escape, would need to search for clues and solve puzzles. In this game, all the players will be placed in a fully-immersive game room, and they will have to work closely together in order to be successful.

In an escape room, all will be locked in a room where some random clues are given, and you have no idea how to get out from the room. In this new game craze, up to 12 players are involved, depending on what room you choose, and in order to unlock door after door, the players will have to use their physical and mental agility and would need to decipher the cryptic clues to be able to move from room to room. In order to break free, you are given only 60 minutes to do it, and this is the catch of the game.

Note that escape room games are not only for fun and entertainment. In escape room games, further aimed to encourage employees to experience team building, that will help them solve business problems both collectively and effectively.

Escape room games as mentioned can be fun and educational at the same time, and let us present some of these games here.

If you are looking for an escape room game that helps team building and at the same time fun, then the most exciting of them is the hungry zombie. In order to escape the room and save themselves from the hungry zombie, the players have to be able to communicate and cooperate with each other, and think outside the box.

The players or employees in this escape room game are thus encouraged to communicate among themselves, learn to cooperate together, for without these qualities, they will all fail.

There are also team building games that would require you to think out of the box where you will experience to unleash your potential in looking for clues and will help you solve riddles and puzzles.

Note that the setup of the escape room game is very different from the routine office work, where the players are placed in a situation that will make them utilize what information are available, seek ideas and suggestions from fellow players, and see what works for them.

Another escape room game is the take lead or follow, where everybody is on the same level playing field, and employees are on the same position as the manager. The leadership potential of the players in this team building game will be unleashed, where one may be asked to take the leadership position in some situations, and thus would enable the group to get out from the room.

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