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What You Must Consider as You Buy an Automatic External Defibrillator

Automatic external defibrillators are gaining popularity in recent times due to their vital role in helping during cardiac arrests. Nowadays, having an automatic external defibrillator in your first aid kit is mandatory so that you can act fast to save lives whenever one suffers from a heart attack around you. Even though many people understand the importance of having an AED, they are not conversant with choosing the right because there is a variety of AED in the market. Here is a brief guide on how to select a perfect automatic external defibrillator.

Always get a doctor’s prescription. Nowadays, most retailers ask for a doctor’s prescription before they sell AEDs. There are FDA regulations on the manufacture and selling of AEDs, and thus, every retailer must adhere to them. However, some retailers do no insist on having a doctor’s prescription, and thus, you can buy from them without it. If you do not have an order, you can obtain it from your medical director or family physician.

Be keen on the specifications of the AED. How would you want to use the AED and what kind of patients are you likely to have? AEDs come with different features which not only make them sophisticated but determines their ease of use. The features also determine ease of use, accessibility, reliability, and durability of the machine. For instance, most AEDs have lithium-ion batteries, built-in printers, CPR metronomes, and ECG monitoring. You should consider whether you need fully automatic or semi-automatic equipment.

Check for certifications. Seek the guidance of your physician as you buy an AED because you might not be conversant with lots of things. You should know the guidelines before having the AED in a premise. Do not make assumptions but consult your physician for directions and clear instructions. AEDs require inspections and maintenance so that they are in excellent condition for use at all times. Importantly, note down the expiration dates of defibrillation pads and batteries.

Assess the price of buying an AED. The cost of buying an AED is varied depending on the sophistication level of the equipment. It is recommendable to compare the cost of AEDs on different outlets and preferably, you should do it online where there is a wide range of items. If you cannot afford an AED, then you can check out for AED grants offered by state and public departments. Compare the prices of AEDs in different retail outlets and settle for the most affordable one.

Be trained on using AED. You will not save lives if you have an AED that you cannot use. Find a certified trainer to guide you on using it. The AED you purchase should have simple instructions for use, and it is recommendable that the trainer gives a certificate after the course.