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Questions to Ask to Ensure That Your Dog Receives the Best Grooming Service

Owning a dog is an exciting and awesome experience. It, however, comes with tons of responsibilities. From ensuring that your four-legged friend is well-feed to catering to their medical needs, pet owners have a lot of responsibilities. Humans are not the only living beings that require grooming. Animals have to be groomed too. Grooming covers everything that entails hygiene. For instance, it involves full-body cleaning, claw trimming, fur cutting, and tooth brushing. Do you barely find time to groom your four-legged friend, and you are wondering how to go about it? Well, you can rest easy. Nowadays, pet groomers are everywhere. Consider hiring their services, and they will help you out. Your furry friend’s best interests should be your priority. With this said, you have to look for a dependable groomer that will take proper care of your canine friend. The questions compiled below will help you to weed out incompetent groomers.

Which Breed Do You Deal With?

There are diverse dog breeds. Each breed is different. As a result, the grooming needs of each dog also differ. It is because of this that you need to know the specific dog breeds your potential groomer specializes in. Go for an expert that has tons of grooming skills and experience in dealing with the breed of dog that you own. Assuming that you have a labradoodle, find a labradoodle groomer. Some groomers might try to convince you that all dogs are the same. Thus, they can handle all types. Do not fall for this cheap tactic.

What Type of Grooming Supplies Do You Use?

The market is filled with knock-off dog grooming products that pose severe harm. Some groomers go for these products because they are cheaper compared to the high-quality ones. Verify the type of supplies the groomer uses. Find a groomer that uses FDA approved supplies. Request to take a look at the products they intend to use on your canine friend. Read through the product labels carefully and check out the ingredients. Avoid groomers whose products contain ingredients that your canine friend is allergic to.

Can I Take a Look Around Your Grooming Facility?

Some dogs, unfortunately, go through horrific experiences during grooming because their owners, unknowingly, choose unsuitable grooming facilities. Do not leave anything to chance. Inspect the grooming parlor thoroughly. Groomers that have something to hide will not allow you to inspect their facilities. So, any form of hesitance should be a red flag. Choose a grooming facility that has a pet-friendly environment where your canine friend will be safe. This way, you won’t have to keep worrying since you will be certain that your furry friend will be well-taken care of.

What Does Your Grooming Package Constitute of?

Every groomer has a unique service package. For example, some groomers have full-service packages, while others have partial ones. Find out which services are included in your groomer’s package. Hire a groomer whose service package covers everything that you want for your dog. If you, for instance, want your canine friend to receive full-body grooming, find a groomer that provides a full-service package.

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