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How to Create a Better Life?

One of the biggest lies that you have been told or you told to yourself is the lie that says that your life is predetermined and that no matter how you try when you are cursed to live an awful fate then there is nothing that you can do to undo your own destiny and change it – you are doomed. There is no such thing as a predetermined life. It is an illusion created to control you and imprison you in a life that you are told you suppose to live by and follow. A better life, a life where you can be happy and free is something you will need to create for yourself and not a privilege some or only some people are blessed to enjoy and relish. You own your fate because you are the captain of your ship.

No matter what people believe you to be, at the end of the day, you are the architect of your own fortress called life. Don’t let other people dictate the direction of your life just because they believe they know better or that they have the idea of what should be the life of everyone else in this world. You can create your own reality. You can pursue a better life and create a better life for you. You need to dream high and you need to pursue things that will help you realize a better version of reality for yourself away from the shackles of fear and the idea that your life is already predetermined.

The real question that you face on a day to day basis is HOW and WHAT? How are you going to create a better life for you and what are the things you should do in order to realize it and make it a reality?

You need to press on the idea that your life’s trajectory and path can be created not provided. In this pattern of thinking you can reconstruct things out and you can finally make a pattern that will bring you towards a proper solution. Creation is key. Making creative wonders as your personal habit will enable you to unfold and uncover and better yet unleash the greatness within. Your life is like pieces of Lego blocks and not just a piece of the puzzle that you need to figure out, match, and uncover. Life is not a question but a quest for creation and creativity.

With all the blocks that you have and with proper perspective and disposition you can come up with something and pursue. You can create a great thing out of your creation and the best play about that is the fact that you are not limited by the ideals of the world, in fact, you are encouraged to surpass boundaries and do the unimaginable. You need guidelines from people with the same perspective and vision as you do. You can find inspiration and role models of people who create and makes wonder and makes wonder possible and doable.

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