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Puppy training services

Having a trained dog has its advantages. For instance, your dog will be happier and will be able to relate better with the family and others. It’s, therefore, necessary that you start to train when it is just a puppy. If it is your first time training a dog, you may not know where to start. However, it will seem easier if you take it one step at a time. Here is a guide with some steps that you can follow to train your puppy.

House and Crate Training
This type of training depends on where you intend to keep your dog. That is, whether it will be staying indoors or outdoors. Housing it indoors is mostly recommended. If so, house and crate training will form a major part of the training process.

House training comes with several other components. For instance, there is potty training where you teach your puppy where to eliminate waste. This is highly necessary as you do not want to find their wastes all over the house. It will learn to go and excrete outdoors or in a designated place indoors. There is also crate training where the puppy learns to accept their crate. This way, they can enjoy a space of their own.

Leash Training
Another very important aspect of puppy training is that of leash training. This is where you teach your puppy to walk while on a leash. This is paramount for each dog. For one, it might be mandatory under the leash laws in a particular area. Another reason is that it promotes the safety of the dog. Not to mention, it is more pleasant to go on a walk with a dog that can keep to a leash.
You will start the training by introducing your puppy to a leash. You will then teach the puppy how to walk properly when on the leash. For instance, you want it to walk in a loose leash manner such that it does not pull on it.

Socialize Your Puppy
Apart from learning to behave well as an individual, your puppy also needs to learn how to behave around new people, places and other animals. To be able to learn to accept these new surroundings, you need to expose them to them. The more exposed they become, the less likely they are to get behaviour problems. They will be well behaved and more loved by others. Through socializing, your puppy is also likely to be less fearful.

Clicker Train Your Puppy
Clicker training is one of the most effective puppy training methods. It utilizes a clicker to perform positive reinforcement. This is not mandatory as you can still train positive reinforcement without a clicker. However, many people find it to be ab easy and helpful method.

Basic Commands Training
The clicker training can be used together with the basic commands training for a more effective training process. Your puppy should learn some of the basic commands used during training, for example, come, up etc. You can also teach it some basic dog tricks. These commands will help your dog to be more grounded.

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