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The human back is an important organ of the body like all other organs. It is the one that holds the spinal cord and enables people to carry out many daily routines. This includes standing, bending, walking, and sitting. When the back is traumatized, it can cause immobility of the injured person. This is why it is important to take care of one’s back. Back pain and injury can be caused by excessive strain on the back, an accident, or a fall that affects the back. It can also be caused by numerous illnesses that affect the muscles, ligaments, nerves, spinal discs, and spinal cord. It is important that when a person experiences back pain they visit the doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

When it comes to the treatment of back pains, it is important that the affected person relies on professional services only. This can be conventional medical treatment or chiropractic treatment. Relying on home remedies can make the condition to be worse. This is because the affected person is a layperson and has no way of knowing exactly what is ailing the back. It is however vital that the back pain patient ensures the carry out their daily activities in a safe environment to protect their back. This means that they should use ergonomic furniture such as desks, chairs, and beds to ensure their back is protected. They should also invest in a good mattress that ensures the back does not strain further during naps. Importantly, such person should minimize their chores and ensure they do not their back with too much work or heavy lifting.

When a patient seeks treatment in a medical facility, the doctor will carry out various examinations to determine the cause of the pain. This may include physical examination, and symptom analysis. The doctor may then opt to carry out an X-ray, MRI, bone scan, or CT scan in order to get a spinal cord image. These images will help the doctor determine if the bones, disk, tendons, and ligaments of the back are in good condition. If the doctor notices fracture, swelling, dislocation, or lack of alignment of the back issues, they will determine the best treatment solution for specific problems. The doctor may order for further tests such as blood tests and electromyography. The blood test may help determine if the patient is suffering from other infections that may be asserting pain on the back. Further, an examination of the nervous system can shed light on any neurological complication that may cause back ailment. Other factors that can cause back pain include spinal cancer, and arthritis.

Once the doctor has diagnosed the problem, they will prescribe the best treatment for the issue at hand. This may include physical therapy, total bed rest, or other home therapeutic remedies. They may equally recommend the use of over-the-counter painkiller, ointments, cr?me, anti-inflammatory medication, a strong opioid painkiller, muscle relaxant, or anti-depressants. Patients can seek further treatment from unorthodox avenues such as chiropractors. Chiropractors provide treatment through professional bone and muscle manipulation as well as massage therapy.

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