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The advancement in technology will never end in life. Every time there will be a requirement of physical body parts in the medicine field. We need to take some artificial insulin in the body because our body sometimes does not produce enough insulin. There will be a time that paralysis will be treatable diseases with advancement that is taking place in medicine. In the body of a human being, you will have a lot of stuff that regenerative medicine can do. The branch of medicine that deals with the regeneration of body cell are called regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine make it possible for the body to be able to treat itself from the illness that may arise. We will be able to restore the proper structure of the body when we take regenerative medicine. The tissues that were damaged will be able to regain their standard functionality after one has received a regenerative medicine.

By the use of regenerative medicine, you can be cured of the disease that you were born with. Regenerative medicine has allowed many people who had the chance to live shorter life to live longer. Cellular therapies is one of many branches of regenerative medicine. In cellular therapies, there is the use of cells of the body to help to regenerate the parts of the body that was destroyed like nerves. Many people die because of the heart disease problems. Heart disease is caused by the clotting of the cardiac artery that will cause the irreversible death of the cell in the heart. Regenerative medicine like stem cell treatment can be used to replace the heart cells to sustain the life of the patient.

When you are using artificial organ transplant you are not generating new organs. Artificial organs treatment always generate the function or and old organ that was not working correctly that Is replaced by the new organ. You will find a lot of improvement in the sector of regenerative medicine in terms of artificial organs. As many people wait for the organ, they can live longer with the artificial organ. There is replacement of the damaged tissues with the one that is made in the laboratory in terms of tissues engineering.

Organ transplant will reach its end once the physicians perfected the tissue engineering technique. There is a lot of time that is wasted in organ transplant since you have to wait for someone to die or donate the organ for you. The cells of the body will be used to grow the organs that will be used in the body of the patient. We will have high life expectancy due to provision of many organs.

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