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Looking for Rocks and Gems from a Fantastic Provider

If you are a jeweler, you must be looking for unlimited supplies of gems. However, you also need specialized rocks needed for display. Other stores may be able to provide a good supply of rocks and gems. Unfortunately, they cannot provide immediately the amounts of materials you need in the actual. It will be important to choose Jerrys Rock and Gem because they can provide you not only jewelry and beads but also gemstones, minerals, and fossils. The shop itself is managed by Glen Saurdiff, a gemologist. He run the shop with his wife Joan who has degrees in Paleontology and Geology.

If you will ask them to provide grits, rock saws, tumblers, and grinder, they will never hesitate to respond immediately. They will even ask you if you need some lapidary supplies. You will find them as a perfect partner when it comes to designing jewelry items made of platinum, silver, and gold. You also want them to make Cabachons and cut rocks. If you also seek for jewelry repair services, they will assure you that it will include stringing of bead and pearl. They will also identify rocks, fossils, and gemstones. If you need to appraise those products, they will also give you the right computation.

As you browse further, you will be informed of their schedule of operations. They are open from Monday until Friday from 10 AM to 5:30 PM. If you choose to visit them on Saturday, they are available from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. If you need to talk to some of their agents, they will surely receive your calls. They will also read your email if you need responses to some important questions. You must love to see them in person so that you can discuss things about rocks and gems.

If you need a supplier of rocks and gems, it makes sense to choose a company that has been operating since 1954. You need a complete set of supplies, so you must choose a company to offer what you need. The actual website has a gallery where you can find pictures of fossils, rare rocks, and beads. You will love to order those things because you can surely not find them in other stores. If you have some questions, their agents can manage to answer you. Hence, you must click the Send Us A Message button. Just provide them your phone first and last name, electronic mail address and detailed messages.

Meeting their designers in person is possible. The website provides you with the exact location. If you operate near West Valley, you will not have problems connecting with them because they must be a few distance from you. If you want to shop, there is a shopping page where you can find a variety of items such as 1 pound grit kit, tumblers in various sizes, cabbing arbors, abrasives, stainless steel arbor, pendants, rock hammer, and a tooth from a dinosaur. Their costs are provided in the actual page.

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