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List of Post Pregnancy Workouts that You Should Know

One thing that you need to know is that pregnancy will put you through a lot of things. One thing with pregnancy is that it makes women gain weight and some may stick around even after giving birth. Thus why it is essential that you go back into regular workout rhythm as it can help you lose weight among other benefits. In this case, it will be essential that you contact your doctor so that he can recommend the right exercises for you. Here are some of the best post pregnancy exercises that you should do.

Walking is one of the workouts that you should do after the arrival of the baby. I can say that this is the first step to start from after giving birth because it has many benefits even though some people may find it tiresome. The best part of it is that you can do it with a baby. Not only that but you can also add weight by bringing the baby along in front pack which makes it better. It is essential that you should start with a leisurely pace as you advance to a more fast-paced walk. It is essential to note that overdoing it is not healthy and you should take one step at a time.

Kegels is another post-pregnancy workout that you should know. You find that Kegels are important in improving recovery from delivery though they are not effective in removing belly fats. This is because childbirth has many unfortunate side effects such as the risk of continence. One good thing with Kegels is that they will tone the bladder muscles thus giving you better control over the leaks. You find that the best way to learn how to do Kegels is when you are using the bathroom. In this case, you will begin to urinate, and you attempt to use the muscles to halt the steam and hold it, then you release and resume urination. Then you can advance into doing it without urinating by contracting and holding the muscles then you release them.

Another post pregnancy exercise is planking. This is essential in building strength and tone muscle after giving birth which primarily targets the butt, thighs, obliques and your abs. One thing that you will have to do is to be in planking position by holding yourself up with your forearms as you engage your abs. After which you can throw in a push-up or two but remember not to overdo it.

Besides, we have lunges. It is essential to note that walking lunges is a great way to tone your butt and legs. Of which you will have to stand with your feet together and your hands on your hips. After which you should take a large step forward and bend your knees so that both your knees end up at 90 degrees. Push yourself back up into a standing position by putting pressure on the heel of the front leg and repeat the procedure.

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